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SSCM Men's Bikur Cholim Project

Thank you for your interest in the Shul's new Bikur Cholim project. 

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(1) What is this Project?

The Shul is blessed with members willing to be called upon to visit the sick and housebound.   The Sisterhood B"H has developed the Ohel Sarah Chessed Organization and we are currently looking to organize a men's Bikur Cholim network within our Kehillah.   

(2) What would be involved?

The aim of the Project is to provide friendship and support through visits to members of our Kehillah who are ill, housebound or who otherwise could use the good cheer and companionship that a visit can provide.  Such contact can be as simple as a phone call, or include visits with conversation, reading, study, taking a walk, playing games or cards, among other activities.

(3) How much am I committing to?

At the moment we are simply compiling a list of people who would be interested in this project and their availability, generally.  We are also asking if you want to be included in blast communication (where appropriate). There is no other commitment. You would be contacted personally or by blast if an opportunity arises, at which time you can assess if you are willing and able to commit any time.

(4) How does it work?

There is no straightforward answer: Bikur Cholim usually involves sensitive situations.  The sensitivities include whether or not the Choleh even wants visitors, how the volunteers are to be advised of the circumstances, and more typical time/availability limitations. As such, each situation would be assessed with the Rav's guidance and volunteers approached as appropriate.

(5) Who is running this program?

This program is being maintained in strict confidence by Steve Balsam and Shmuel Stern. If you have questions, you can use the contact form below.

(6) So how do I get involved?

Below is a Google form created to compile an initial list of available volunteers for this project. We are also interested in finding the best method to understand (i) in general, time and geographic availabilities (ii) how to communicate with volunteers and (iii) whether there would be interested in training.

The form should take 5 minutes or less to complete.

By completing this form:
      (1) You are *not* binding yourself to any time commitment
      (2) Your information will *not* be used outside this specific project
      (3) You can update your information or opt out anytime

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Fri, April 19 2024 11 Nisan 5784