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Davening at Shomrai Shabbos

Today's Davening & Zmanim (Not times during COVID-19, Please scroll below to to see updated times until further notice)

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Alos Hashachar 3:56a
Earliest Tallis 4:45a
Netz (Sunrise) 5:50a
Latest Shema 9:36a
Zman Tefillah 10:53a
Chatzos (Midday) 1:24p
Mincha Gedola 2:01p
Mincha Ketana 5:48p
Plag HaMincha 7:22p
Shkiah (Sunset) 8:57p
Tzais Hakochavim 9:42p
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General Davening Schedule during COVID-19


  • Sunday: 7:30- outside, 8:00- Beis Knesses Ohel Avraham, 8:30- Outside, 9:00- Outside
  • Weekdays: 6:45- Beis Knesses Ohel Avraham,  7:35- Outside, 8:30 am- Outside
  • Rosh Chodesh: 6:30- Beis Knesses Ohel Avraham, 7:35- Outside, 8:30- Outside
  • Civic Holidays: 7:30- Outside, 8:00- Beis Knesses Ohel Avraham, 8:30- Outside, 9:00- Outside


  • 7:15- Mincha- Outside
  • 8:45- Mincha/Maariv- Beis Knesses Ohel Avraham
  • 8:50- Mincha/Maariv- Outside
  • 9:45- Maariv- Outside

Mincha Erev Shabbos

  • Winter: Candle-lighting
  • Summer: Plag HaMincha & 7:15

Shacharis Shabbos

  • Main Minyan: 9:00 in Beis Knesses Ohel Avraham and Outside
  • Rosh Chodesh: No changes

Mincha Shabbos

  • Winter: 30 Minutes before Shkiah
  • Summer: 6:00- Beis Knesses Ohel Avraham, 7:00- Outside

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